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Low Carbon Consultants (CIBSE)

Sutcliffe Consulting Engineers are registered Low Carbon Consultants and approved consultants under the Community Sustainable Energy Programme. It provides effective improvements to the energy performance to existing buildings. Sutcliffe Consulting Engineers have employees accredited through CIBSE to produce both L2 calculations and Energy Performance Certificates. We can also perform Dynamic Simulation Modeling which allows for early consideration of Energy and Carbon Performance of both concept and design stage Architectural Proposals, as well as reviewing natural ventilation rates and potential for overheating.

Our Feasibility Studies are all site specific and include investigation into the suitability of the following Low and Zero Carbon Technologies (LZC's):
-Solar Energy including PV Cells & Solar Thermal Water Heating
-Heat Pumps - Ground, Water and Air Source
-Rain Water Harvesting
-Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
-Biomass including wood chip, pellets, logs & bio-diesel
-Wind Turbines​
-Existing and Future Site Energy Usage
-PV Panels
-LED usage

Various grants are available to assist with the cost of Feasibility Studies and installation of Low and Zero Carbon Technologies from bodies and schemes such as the Low Carbon Building Programme, Lottery Funding, Community Sustainable Energy Programme, Scottish Power Green Energy Trust and E-ON.

Incentives are also available on a longer term basis to encourage on site energy generation. These incentives include the Government Feed-in Tariff from which payments can be obtained for electrical energy produced on site via renewable means. Excess electrical energy can also be exported back to the grid in return for further payments. 

On the release of the 2010 Building Regulations, our company focuses heavily on lowering carbon emissions from new buildings and refurbishments by means of better U-Values and more efficient building services. We initially perform calculations using Hevacomp software. Hevacomp utilises the SBEM calculation engine as part of the methodology of calculating of energy performance of buildings, and is approved by the Secretary of State for the purposes of Building Regulations. We are also currently moving across to IES VE for our various energy and simulation calculations, as this allows for more flexible and detailed analysis for our clients. Sutcliffe Consulting Engineers are able to offer advice to our clients on how the new regulations are likely to affect future projects.